About VECSA?

How the Club Started & to whom it owes its existence

The Volks Enthusiasts Club was formed in August 1996. The club grew out of a desire to provide hard core VW enthusiasts with an opportunity to meet regularly to build and promote the VW scene.

Founding Members

The Club was instigated by Richard Newbury, Rachel Tidswell and John Jansen (together combining around 70 years of VW enthusiasm). This group was soon joined by other VW enthusiasts attracted to the concept. The club’s membership includes many people with long years of VW knowledge. This depth of experience gives the club a solid linkage to the early days when the VW ruled the world. From these foundations we have built the character and style of the Club.

Our Cars

We cater for revival and restoration of any VW powered vehicle - either standard or modified. Some of the members cars include: concourse and modified early beetles, kit cars (Eurekas, Porsche Speedster replicas), the Late Ken Virgin’s Historic Drag car (11.8 second Quarter Mile in 1976), street beetles running big motors up to 2330cc’s, various type II’s, Type III’s and water cooled cars from early Golfs to the latest VW Group offerings. We are also encouraging owners of any Historic Competition VW’s to display their vehicles and thereby build interest in a precious bygone era and, more importantly, to ensure the restoration of original cars. The 2017 changes to the Historic Registration Scheme enabled many cars to be brought back on to the road.

Club Magazine

A Club news letter called “Volks Enthusiasm” is also available to members. The Magazine is published every second month and backed up by regular Email updates (and the web site of course). We work with other VW clubs to promote the VW marque. We regularly hold a variety of events, including: VW Convoys, Shows, Information Schools, Swap Meets, Interstate trips and various VW centred social events including a “Past and Present VW Heroes” Night.

Number 1 Member

In honour of his energy and commitment to the brand, the Volks Enthusiasts Club has nominated the late Roy Williams as its permanent No. 1 Club Member. Roy was a close personal friend of many club members.


Club meetings are held at 8:00pm on the first Wednesday of each month at the Austrian Club, Torrens Rd, Ovingham SA